Breakout Sessions




ISAAC BENNETT: “How to Be Passionate for the Father” Issac Bennett

Every person on the earth has a desire to be passionate. Often, these desires are directed toward inferior options, leaving many to feel empty, even those in the church. The question remains for the Christian, how can I become passionate for God?



LAUREN LAFFLER: “Swipe Right Swipe left: Choosing Your Friends Wisely.” lauren laffler

Lauren believes that your friendships determine your direction. She believes that the right friendships and the right relationships are key in order to live your life to its fullest potential. So come hang out with her while y’all talk about your friendships.



michael loneyMICHAEL LONEY: “Reach Your Squad”

Michael played 4 years of Division 1 basketball at SDSU where he learned to be a positive force among his teammates.  He has also been an urban basketball missionary in Kansas City with Freedom Hoops for the last 4 years.  He wants to begin a conversation on how to be missional WHEREVER you go and how the Gospel applies to every person, situation, and context you are in.  You can make a difference where you are at NOW and in your squad, whether it’s your sports team, club, friend group, school, work, or church.

jeremy johnsonJEREMY JOHNSON: “Let’s Talk Leadership”

All youth leaders and pastors, we want to invite you to join Jeremy as he gets an opportunity to speak from his heart to yours.  One leader to another.  There is no other breakout that you want to be at this morning.  Come and be encouraged, but also inspired in the things that you are doing to lead the youth of today!






AUDRA SHUEY: “Seasoned or Salty?” audra Shuey

There is power in our testimony! We believe that’s true…but why? What are you doing with what God has done? Do you fully realize the worth of your testimony?  Are you living out the power and proclaiming the goodness of what God has done and is still doing in your life?  Audra would say there is nothing particularly special about her. But her story? Her story is power. Her story is love. Her story is strength.  And she wants you to know…so is yours.




Shaun FitzSHAUN FITZGERALD: “Passionately Pure”

How far is too far? Do I really need to say no? It’s my body anyway. In a culture that says fulfill your personal desires before anything else, we must be vigilant at pursuing and maintaining purity. We must be passionately pure.




melvin coleMELVIN COLE: “Having a Heart for the Hurting/ Learning to Care Enough”

In the parable of the Good Samaritan, Christ talked about violence- and we certainly have plenty of that today. He talked about crime and racial discrimination, and hatred. In this parable, we see neglect and unconcern, but we also see love and mercy. We know what the parable says, but what does it mean?




NICK ADAMS: “Overcoming Small Church” Nick Promo 2

Ever question if what you are doing works?  Ever said “if only my church grew”?  Many times, we find ourselves stuck in ministry because we are limited by our resources.  But maybe we are simply limited by our mindset.  Nick will talk through things he has learned doing “small church” and how to break beyond that mold in student ministries.