Breakout Sessions



Breakout Speakers - Karla Blake 2_edited-2KARLA BLAKE: “Noise”

Have you ever been hanging out with friends and looked up to realize all your faces were buried in screens?  Whether with sports or school clubs or church, do you ever feel like your attention is being pulled in 10 different directions? Sometimes, there is just so much noise.  So much chaos.  So many decisions.  SO MUCH PRESSURE.  In a world where so many things are screaming for our attention, we must fight to shut out the noise and build an intimate relationship with Jesus.  Our spiritual survival is at risk, but there is hope!

Karla is the Discipleship Pastor at Antioch Church.



Breakout Speaker - Kyle Mullins 2KYLE MULLINS: “Positive Vibes Only Isn’t Actually Realistic”

Drama.  Drama.  Drama.  You’ve heard it.  You’ve experienced it.  You’ve been hurt by it.  And most likely, you’ve been the culprit of it.  Middle schools and high schools are full of drama. Some are more prone to drama than others but here’s a secret: no matter how nice or chill or in love with Jesus you are, drama will come, disagreements will happen, and relationships will end. There is no way around it and there is no escape from it.  So…If we can’t avoid it, lets talk about what to do with it!

Kyle is the Students Ministries Pastor at Indian Creek Community Church.



Breakout Speaker - Season Tingler 3SEASON TINGLER: “Leaders are Followers”

So, you’re a leader… Maybe your teachers, youth leaders, parents or coaches have called out leadership in you. Maybe you’re just realizing that you seem to have a lot of influence over your peers and don’t really know why. Maybe you’re a born leader.  Or, maybe, you don’t even know why you’re reading this because you have a heart to lead but haven’t yet had the opportunity to. No matter where you’re at in your leadership journey, a huge part of learning to lead is learning to follow. Leaders are learners. They look to follow the greatest example of a leader we have ever had: Jesus. Join us for this breakout and explore important aspects of leadership life.

Season is the High School and Young Adult Pastor at Vineyard Church KC.


Breakout Speakers - Tim Somers 2TIM SOMERS: “Calling All Youth Leaders”

All youth leaders and pastors, we want to invite you to join Tim as he gets an opportunity to speak from his heart to yours.  One leader to another.  This is the place for you and this is where you want to be.  Come and be encouraged, but also inspired in the things that you are doing to lead the youth of today!  What you do matters and how you do it matters too.  Come listen to Tim as he shares and take an opportunity to also meet other fellow youth leaders.

Tim is the Youth Pastor at Elevation Church in Matthews, NC.





Breakout Speaker - Andy 2_edited-1ANDY BONDURANT: “God’s Plan: Dreams, Reality, and All the Pain in Between”

What are your biggest, wildest, craziest dreams?  What is God’s plan for you?  And do the two of those match?  Sometimes, it is so hard to know which way to go!  Should I live in reality or should I chase my biggest dreams?  God designed you to hope, imagine, and dream.  Then why is reality so hard? This isn’t a new question — it’s been asked for thousands of years! Come learn why your dreams matter, and why the pain getting there is just as important as the dream itself.

Andy is the Family Ministries Pastor at Cross Points Church



Breakout Speaker - Michelle Smith 2MICHELLE SMITH: “Solo”

We have all been there.  And for most, even if you aren’t now, you will probably be there again (Sorry).  Singleness.  Many times, we walk through life as a “single person” as if it is a “badge of shame”.  But what if we are missing the point?  What if the “wait” had a purpose?  What if the “loneliness” only made us stronger?  So often, we long to be somewhere else than where we are.  But what if we are exactly where we are supposed to be?  Come explore as we dive into a discussion about what it means to be single in a dating world!

Michelle is the Ottawa Campus Coordinator for Life Mission Church.




Breakout Speaker - Michael Loney 2_edited-3MICHAEL LONEY: “Reaching Your Squad”.

Michael played 4 years of Division 1 basketball at SDSU where he learned to be a positive force among his teammates.  He has also been an urban basketball missionary in Kansas City with Freedom Hoops for the last 5 years.  He wants to begin a conversation on how to be missional WHEREVER you go and how the Gospel applies to every person, situation, and context you are in.  You can make a difference where you are at NOW and in your squad, whether it’s your sports team, club, friend group, school, work, or church.

Michael is the founder of Freedom Hoops and teaches math at Eisenhower Middle School.



Breakout Speaker - Nick and Des 2NICK AND DESIRAE ADAMS: “Balance is Beautiful”.

Have you ever seen someone who works out so much you see them and think “yeahhh…that doesn’t look right”?  On the other end, stuffing your face with Ding Dong’s and Ho-Ho’s without stepping foot on the treadmill gets you to completely different place.  Life is all about balance.  Why should ministry life be any different?  Whether you are volunteering in youth ministry, work part-time, or full-time, figuring out how to balance it all is crucial.  Come listen to some insights Nick and Des have had over the last decade of youth ministry, as they balanced personal life and ministry. One thing they know now is that Balance is Beautiful!

Nick and Desirae lead XSM (X Student Ministries) at Cross Points Church.