Breakout Sessions



Breakout Speaker - Daniel Nichols 2



The human soul is just about the most complicated thing in existence. It has layers upon layers of emotions, desires, fears, values, and experiences. And all of these things are woven together to make up your daily life. The problem is, the enemy of our soul plants lies over time that grow inside of us like weeds, and before we know it we can be overwhelmed by anxiety, addictions, anger, relationship issues, and so many other things. Let’s have a conversation about how to strengthen our soul and live free from inner turmoil.

Daniel is the Student Director at Antioch church in Overland Park, Kansas with his wife Lindsey.


Breakout Speaker - Robyn Bittle


ROBYN BITTLE: “Stop the Selfie”

Have you ever wondered why your friendships aren’t working? Maybe, we need to stop the selfie and learn to serve. In a world that’s all about us, friendship works best when it’s all about them.  So often, we make it about what feeds us, how does it make us feel, and what brings me joy.  The hardest part to recognize is that God’s greatest isn’t found on a singular island, but instead serving alongside those we love!  We need to stop the selfie and begin to look out.  Come listen to Robyn talk about how to make healthy friendships that turn the focus onto each other.

Robyn is the lead pastor with her husband, Tim, at The Father’s House in San Francisco, California.


Breakout Speaker - Dre Carnegie 2



So, you’re a leader… Maybe your teachers, youth leaders, parents or coaches have called out leadership in you. Maybe you’re just realizing that you seem to have a lot of influence over your peers and don’t really know why. Maybe you’re a born leader.  Or, maybe, you don’t even know why you’re reading this because you have a heart to lead but haven’t yet had the opportunity to. No matter where you’re at in your leadership journey, a huge part of learning to lead is learning to follow. Leaders are learners. They look to follow the greatest example of a leader we have ever had: Jesus. Join us for this breakout and explore important aspects of leadership life.

Season is the High School and Young Adult Pastor at Vineyard Church KC.


Breakout Speaker - Manny Arango

MANNY ARANGO: “Calling All Youth Leaders”

All youth leaders and pastors, we want to invite you to join Manny as he gets an opportunity to speak from his heart to yours.  One leader to another.  This is the place for you and this is where you want to be.  Come and be encouraged, but also inspired in the things that you are doing to lead the youth of today!  What you do matters and how you do it matters too.  Come listen to Manny as he shares and take an opportunity to also meet other fellow youth leaders.

Manny is the former pastor at World Overcomer’s Church and now speaks to thousands of people each year.





Breakout Speaker - Michele Laymon


MICHELE LAYMON: “Your Life Has Purpose…Now What?”

Understand and learn how to walk confidently in God’s purpose for your life! Have you ever asked questions like “Where does God want me to go to college?” “Should I date so and so?” “What job is best for me?” “What am I here for?” “What am I passionate about and how to make steps towards that?”.  Join Michele in a breakout on learning to hear God’s voice personally about your life and the ultimate question of…”Now what?”.

Michele and her husband Cody are youth pastors of Oneighty at City Center Church in the Kansas City area.



Breakout Speakers - Cooper and Kenzi



Are you a single pringle? Are you single and ready to mingle? Do you have yourself a bae? Wherever you stand, we know that life with other people can be messy sometimes. Dating can be hard, and it can sometimes lead to a lot of questions or awkward conversations. How do I know I’m ready to date? How do I keep my relationship with God strong while dating someone? Is it okay to kiss someone?? Well, Cooper and Kenzi are ready to talk about dating, relationships, and how to keep it God centered! Come join our breakout for a great talk on dating and relationships!

Cooper and Mackenzi are friends, college age students, and coworkers at Cross Points Church in Shawnee, KS with X Student Ministries.


Breakout Speaker - Joe Farage

JOE FARAGE: “The Lie of Us VS Them”.

From politics to business to school sports, rivalries are everywhere. While rivalries can be good and drive you to excellence, they can also lead to a misunderstanding of our role in other people’s lives. Jesus’ call throughout the Bible was not to label people as “them” and fight when they don’t agree with us; His call was to walk with them and point them to God. It’s so easy to get into the mindset of “Christians vs. everyone else”, but that’s not the mindset of Christ. Join the conversation of what it means to change from “us VS. them” to “us FOR them”.

Joe is the youth pastor at Lift Church, alongside his wife, Amber, in Kansas City, Kansas.



Breakout Session - Nick and Desirae AdamsNICK AND DESIRAE ADAMS: “When the Flock Fails”.

You invest your time.  You invest your prayer.  You give your best words of wisdom.  You preach with power.  You care, you support, and you love.  But yet, they still fail.  They fall short on the commitments they made at Summer Camp.  They go back to living in the same sinful cycle.  They lose passion for the big dream they once had.  If you have been in ministry, as a pastor or leader, for any period of time, you know this story.  It surprises us every time.  But what if we were prepared?  What if we had a pre-emptive plan to deal with the failure of those we lead and begin use it for the good of the Gospel.  Pastor Nick and Des would love to discuss their journey of ups and downs and what they have learned about “dealing with failure of those that follow them” over the last decade of ministry.

Nick and Desirae lead XSM (X Student Ministries) at Cross Points Church.