When is the 2019 Stained Conference?

The conference is March 1-2, 2019.

Where is the 2019 Stained Conference?

Cross Points Church: 6824 Lackman Road Shawnee, KS 66217.

What is the Stained Conference?

Stained is a youth targeted conference geared towards empowering and encouraging young people to be stained by the blood of Christ and set in His image.  Through this identity, we can now be stained with blood as we fight for what is right.  This is not a movement to say “Do This” or “Don’t Do That!”. This is not an event to encourage teens to live a perfect, sinless life. As a matter of fact, a perfect, sinless life is pointless if the heart does not belong to God.  Everything is inconsequential without Jesus. Therefore, this conference, first and foremost, is designed to revive the hearts of teenagers, so they have a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. With this as a base, we will be speaking about the hot topics and stumbling blocks towards living a God-honoring life in a God-diminishing world.

What is the 2019 Conference Theme?

Our theme this year is “Made of Light”.  John 1:5 says “The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot comprehend it”.  This year, we want to learn what it means to walk as children of light and to realize we carry inside of us the greatest, brightest, and most impactful light the world has ever seen.  We should be leading the way!

What is the price of the Stained Conference?

The conference pricing is tiered:
Open Registration Flash Sale (Dec 3-10): $20 Per Person

Normal Registration (Dec 10-Mar 1): $25 Per Person

Late Registration (At The Door): $30 Per Person

Additional discounts:
-Youth Groups: Per 10 teenagers, you will receive 1 free youth leader ticket.

How do I register for the conference?

All registration is done online. Click on the REGISTRATION tab and follow the cues from there.

What ages is this conference for?

There are no age restrictions on the attendees, although this is a conference geared towards Jr High, High School and College Age.

I’m a youth pastor. Why should I bring my ministry?

Our heart is to serve you and your ministry. We are not here to tell your kids something you could not already teach them. We want to open up the avenue for you, so you can engage your teens in conversation and enjoy the conference with them.  Our leadership team, the main session speakers, and breakout speakers we bring in also have years of youth ministry experience in teaching youth through youth ministries, seminars, lock-ins, and conferences. We believe the topics we will cover need to be tackled and we are passionate about seeing teenagers wholly following Jesus and being released into His grace.

I’m a parent. Why should I allow my teenager to go?

Currently, your teenager is being bombarded by our culture with it’s view(s) of drugs, alcohol, dating, sex, love, suicide, temporary happiness, etc. No matter how sheltered… no matter how ‘Christian’…the world’s view is everywhere.  Our heart is to tap into God heart and bring your teenagers a God perspective in their life.  What are we saying? Our message on what God has to say about being stained for Him is vital for your teen to hear.

I’m a teenager or college student. Why should I come to the Stained Conference?

Let’s be real. You know you need encouragement and practical applications on pursuing God while dealing with the temptations of this world.  Pursuit of Sexual Gratification.  Pursuit of Temporary Highs.  Pursuit of Popularity.  Pursuit of Love.  Pursuit of Self.  Let’s not pretend those are not BIG things. Let’s not pretend like you have it all together.  God has something powerful to speak to your insecurity and your struggles.  You are not alone in what you are going through and you won’t be at Stained!

What is the Stained Conference schedule?

Check out the 2019 Conference link under “Events”.

What do we do for lunch and dinner on Saturday?

We will catering for the conference. You will have two hours for each meal.  You can either go out and get your own meal or you can bring some cash to buy meals on campus.  In your conference packet you receive at the door, there will be a map of the area restaurants as well.